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With advertising everywhere, Americans are used to seeing brand messages all the time but not from politicians. Most Americans would prefer brands to not be political, said Wendy Liebmann, CEO of marketing consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail, and she believes companies should focus on larger messages rather than weigh in on specific political issues. Courtney Taylor, 21, of Center Valley, Pennsylvania, said she believes shopping and politics should remain separate. But she has her limits. Taylor, who voted for Trump because she opposes abortion, said shed stop shopping at her favorite store if it were to start donating to an abortion-rights group. Companies need to know if theyre going to release a political statement, people are going to react, she said. Monthly surveys have showed that more shoppers are citing politics among the top five factors that influence their buying decisions, according to Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at research firm NPD Group Inc. Chalk it up to election divisions that have lasted into Trumps presidency and his own penchant for mixing politics with commerce. Trump had used Twitter to chastise retailers like Amazon and Macys before complaining that Nordstrom treated his daughter so unfairly. Nordstrom had said the Ivanka Trump brands sales were falling, and ethics experts saw the tweet as an implied threat from the White House to businesses rethinking their Trump ties. The Ivanka Trump brand says it saw double-digit percentage sales growth in 2016 from the previous year as it expanded its categories, distribution and offerings. In recent days, weve seen our brand swept into the political fray, becoming collateral damage in others efforts to advance agendas unrelated to what we do, the company said.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit found by BBC Monitoring 17 February 2017 Image copyright Pro TV Chisinau Image caption The installation aims to help people comprehend the scale of the fraud An artist in Moldova has created a mock-up of $1bn (800m) in banknotes to highlight the amount lost in the country's biggest banking scandal. The 10 huge piles of fake $100 bills are on display at a library in the capital, Chisinau, each weighing a hefty 500kg (78.7 stone), the Pro TV news website reports . They represent the $1bn that disappeared from three banks in 2014, equivalent to an eighth of the ex-Soviet republic's entire GDP. The money was transferred to shell companies abroad, a fraud that prompted months of anti-government protests in Europe's poorest country. The exhibition is the work of artist Stefan Esanu who says he wanted to help people visualise how much money was stolen. "People have no idea what a billion means. It is like saying 'cosmos' but people cannot imagine what this really means," he tells the Report news website . The exhibition also includes interviews with 33 Moldovans on their impressions of the scandal. Visitors to the library were struck by the size of the cash "mountains", each measuring 1.4m (4ft 7in) in height. "Can you imagine what a colossal sum of money has been stolen and how many things could have been done using it?" one man tells Pro TV. Another says he would like to see politicians visit the exhibition, "but they're not interested".

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