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The reason it was unusual enough to warrant a behind-the-scenes look at the investigation process itself was that they found nothing. Project

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Just discovered no code of ethics, no sustainability reports, no human rights policies. With five researchers working in six countries over the course of a month, and despite contacting spokespeople, sales reps, and brand employees, Project Just discovered no code of ethics, no sustainability reports, no human rights policies. A shipping list pointed to factories in China and Indonesia, but no factories were at the addresses, and calls to the phone numbers listed went unanswered. The 12-employee business offers paid maternity leave to new mothers, but revealed no policies ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, or health care to the women working at every other level of manufacturing despite Ivanka Trumps emphasis

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on empowering working women. Project Just uncovered no evidence that the brand (whose manufacturing and distribution is handled by licensing group G-III Apparel) knows anything that goes on within its own supply chain or, at least, is willing to share what it knows. So what does this mean? We got on the phone with Project Just co-founder Natalie Grillon and head of research Jacinta FitzGerald to talk about how far the Project Just team went to find out what little they could, why consumers are more likely to be blindly trusting of celebrity lines, and just how common such a lack of transparency is. Heres what they had to say. Lets start with a little background about Project JUST.

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