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This means that while a small majority of the country voted Leave, a large majority of the country's 650 parliamentary constituencies did so. The votes in June were counted by council, of which there are far fewer - about 400. This is because cities tend to have one council but several Westminster constituencies. This means in most cases we cannot say exactly how each parliamentary constituency voted. However, Chris Hanretty, an academic at the University of East Anglia, has used the results for local authorities to make detailed estimates for each constituency . These are based on other things we know about the area, such as age, education, ethnicity and income, and how strongly those factors correlate with a vote for Brexit in the places where we know the vote at constituency level for sure. Mr Hanretty estimates that most constituencies where Remain support was the highest did

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indeed vote Labour in 2015, although Glasgow North and Edinburgh North, both represented by the SNP, are exceptions. But that's not the picture in the areas that most passionately backed Leave. The Brexit vote was strongest in parts of eastern England, especially Lincolnshire, which backed the Conservatives in 2015. Mr Hanretty estimates that Conservative-held Boston and Skegness was the constituency with the highest Leave vote.

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